ASM606_cov_largeAMAZING SPIDER-MAN # 606

Writer: Joe Kelly

Penciler: Mike McKone

Inker: Andy Lanning

Story Title: “Long Term Arrangement”


Madame Web imprisoned. Michelle and Norah and Peter and M.J. The Black Cat returns. Public display of affection.

The Commentary

This issue did little to make me feel better about this title.

I was pretty hard on the epilogue to “Red Headed Stranger” in my last review and I thought after reading that issue that I would pick up the next one and enjoy the heck out of it because that seems to be how things go for me and AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Hot and cold. Like and dislike. A constant roller coaster ride of a book that makes me want to take some Dramamine before reading a few issues in a row.

While I did enjoy the back half of the book the first few pages just annoyed me to no end. The Madame Web page was fine. I haven’t seen enough of this sub-plot to care but the further adventures of Peter and Michelle nearly had me throwing the book across the room. Is cramming Peter’s stuff down the garbage disposal supposed to be funny and make her an interesting character? I mean is that it? Because to me it makes her look like the crazy, violent, vindictive witch that we saw last issue and I don’t know how much longer I can take her as a character before giving up.

Actually I probably won’t give up, but still.

So not only does Joe Kelly continue with making Michelle an unbalanced, crazy person but also manages to take Norah down a few pegs as well, which annoys me because I was just getting to like her. The whole scene played into my theory that the demographic the current Spider-regime is going for is young guys and gals that would watch the CW every night. There is nothing wrong with people liking these shows and there is nothing wrong if someone thinks that this is the sort of characterization we should see in a Spider-Man story, but to me it just doesn’t scan. It was a dumb scene that was supposed to be played for laughs but ended up making everyone in the scene, including M.J., look stupid and childish.

The rest of the issue was decent enough. I like the Black Cat as a character and having her back in the series does present some interesting character and dramatic conflicts. I am not entirely sold on the way she was brought in or if this current story is going to be any good but the dialogue and action made for a brisk read, unlike last week when the book was harder to get through than GREAT EXPECTATIONS.

I hated that book.

The humor picked up a bit later in the book as well and the running gag of the scared mugger did make me chuckle a bit. I will even buy that Peter would be all about making out with Felicia at the end of the issue because of how crappy his life is at the moment. There are those times where things are going bad and you just give in to that one thing you know is not at all good for you.

Parting Thoughts

It was kind of a mixed bag this time out. I started the issue madder than hell and ended up enjoying it despite myself. The art by McKone and Lanning was spectacular and they made good use of big panels and two page spreads. I am very cautious about this story because I got so burned on the last one and for now I am on a wait and see approach to the title.

I really hate the way these writers are dealing with Michelle.

Sorry, had to say it again. I feel much better now.

2.5 out of 5 webheads.

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