Guggenheim’s Last Arc


Newsarama has an interview up with Marc Guggenheim where he discusses his last arc, the upcoming “Who Was Ben Reilly”, which will be released tomorrow.

One interesting highlights in the interview is where Marc explains how the schedule works for the writers. “The thing about writing Spider-Man that’s different from writing a regular monthly book is that, even though my issues of Spider-Man don’t come out once a month, in order to meet the schedule, I have to produce a script once a month. And normally, that’s not a problem for me. But with Spider-Man, I have to not only write a script every month, but I have to read four other writers’ scripts and plots and outlines and lettering on top of everything else, in order to keep up and make sure my stuff is consistent with their stuff, and that I’m setting things up and teeing things off and that kind of thing. And there are email chains going on literally every day. So the problem was that was a job on top of a job, on top of my other jobs.”

Check out the full article here and a preview of tomorrow’s issue here or my write-up on it here. I’m already anticipating the usual problems so I will ask you all to please be respectful of Guggenheim as a person when you post a comment.