podcast84The spider-panel is all together for this month’s episode. In the show we review Amazing Spider-Man #604-608 along with Spider-Man: The Clone Saga. The gang also discusses the lawsuit against Marvel from artist Jack Kirby’s kids. For this month in Spider-History we tackle October 1985 which was a great month for Spidey.

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5 Responses to “Podcast 84 Online”

  1. #1 Bertone says:

    Right on time…I need this because today is an EXTRA long driving day for work.

  2. #2 Donovan Grant says:

    Dude no wai…me and ditkolovesgreen were talking about when this was gonna pop out. None of us guessed this soon! *thumbs up*

  3. #3 HPT BANDIT says:

    This is some of the harshest reviews I’ve heard in a while. When BD gives something an F, you know it’s prison ass.

  4. #4 Enigma_2099 says:

    To add, I want to thank JR, Bailey, And Kevin for basically making statements on the podcast that pretty much mirror my own opinions about the Kirby/Siegels situation.

    Now the three of you… GET OUT OF MY HEAD.

  5. #5 bandito says:

    i dont think diablo is that lame. did you know he made a deal with mephisto too?