Spidey Loves Ta Tas…SO SAVE THE TA TAS!

Inspired by my friend spidertour02, I have decided to put the word out for BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH (October) on the main page.  How does this connect to Spider-Man, you ask?  Well, Peter Parker loves Ta Tas, does he not?  He’s dated very buxom women such as Mary Jane and Black Cat, plus he enjoys giving Black Cat “chest compressions” (I cite issue #607).

What can you do to help the fight against Breast Cancer?  Facebook, Twitter, put a pink ribbon on your signature here in the message board, buy and eat yogurt with pink lids and send those pink lids in to get Yoplait to donate $.10 per lid to the cause, go to the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month website to learn more about everything, buy a t-shirt, go on a walk for the cure, or finally, join a global movement.  In short, just do something, anything to help the fight against Breast Cancer.  Women’s Ta Tas everywhere will appreciate it, mine included!

Ex animo,


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