In a dark, dark city, there was a dark, dark tower and in the dark, dark tower there were some dark, dark stairs. Up the dark, dark stairs, there was a dark, dark table and around the dark, dark table there were some dark, dark Avengers.

Having a conversation. Again.


WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis

ARTIST: Mike Deodato

COLOURS: Rain Beredo

LETTERS: Cory Petit


Down in Dinosaur, Colorado, people are going missing. One of them being the Secretary of State’s daughter. Guess who he’s going to ask for a favour?

The Dark Avengers take down Man-Thing and then hurry back to Avengers Tower to chat round the breakfast table. Gargan’s medication seems to be making him sensitive, Ms. Marvel wants Hawkeye in the sack and Victoria Hand doesn’t want the Avengers back chatting her. Osborn then appears fully in armour after his recluse in the lab last issue and announces their next mission. He sends Sentry to go deal with it.

Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel do it. Sentry gets vaporised. The whole force of H.A.M.M.E.R. is sent to Dinosaur to take care of this problem (except Gargan because he’s acting like a little girl).

Then, suddenly, Norman is surprised by several villains, including the Molecule Man, The Enchantress, The Beyonder, Mephisto…


-How many times can I mention Mike Deadato’s amazing art?

-The story is moving along…


-Though not as much as possible.

-These Avengers love their breakfast.


We’re starting a new arc here. It’s going to move slow, I suppose, that’s how Bendis works. A few new plot threads are introduced and we’re going to see how they move along throughout the arc. Why does it have to be so slow though?! Do we need to see them complaining about Osborn again?! We had that last issue, that thread doesn’t need to be addressed again. We get it. I want to know about Osborn’s breakdown, we get some signs of it, but not enough.

The cliff-hanger. Woah. We haven’t had enough of these “Say what?” cliff-hangers for a while. I love them and this definitely falls into this category.

I cannot do justice in talking about the art, so here:



“Let’s not get started on fathers.”

“Your dad’s kind of badass, Daken.”

“Stop talking.”

“He is.”


3 out of 5 webheads.

Next issue looks interesting. It’s a shame this issue wasn’t half as interesting as the cliffhanger.


13 Responses to “Dark Avengers #10 Review”

  1. #1 CrazyChris says:

    It gives me sympathy pains to see a Man-Thing get cut like that.

  2. #2 spidertour02 says:

    Bendis has really lost “it” in the last couple of years. I’m starting to GREATLY dislike his work, to the point of trying to avoid it.

  3. #3 Patrick Brusnahan says:

    I think I’m the opposite, I’ve really grown to his work recently. Dark Avengers, Ultimate Spider-Man, hell even Secret Invasion. Think they’re really good.

  4. #4 BD says:

    Elaborate a bit more on Mephisto’s appearance. Any connection to OMD?

  5. #5 Patrick Brusnahan says:

    There’s only one shot of him with all the villains. He doesn’t say anything. It’s all terribly vague right now. He’s just standing there right now.

  6. #6 BD says:

    Well this is his first appearance since OMD, so is it a coincidence or a red haring? LOL

  7. #7 Patrick Brusnahan says:

    I told ya it’s a good cliffhanger…

  8. #8 Leopard-Lad says:

    LOVE the Funnybones reference. Only a British kid from the 90s would get that.

  9. #9 Enigma_2099 says:

    In reference to CrazyChris’s comment, let me just say…



    Doesn’t matter what context you prefer… the pic, or Chris’s joke… it works.. ; )

  10. #10 Danish Web says:

    Bendis hasnt lost it, he’s just overworked and takes on too many projects, this happens to just about any writer in the history of ever.

    His 616 work has improved dramaticly in the last few years, he finally knows how to work within the Marvel Universe, and he’s written two of the best Spider-Man stories IN 616 since BND began in short form or otherwise…and he’s the only guy that can do his own BND-style reboot for Ultimate Spidey and actually keep me as a reader.

    (puts on Spider-Girl cap)

    Y’know, if Tom D would keep track (and I’m certain he does anyway) of events in 616…it’s eery how much this is syncing up to the MC2 version of the Gathering of Five. I’d use this as the springboard for Norman becoming a disciple of cosmic badassery, since he’s losing his marbles with all this conventional power anyway, and he knows Peter’s eluded him. His glass is half-full, and an extra taste of power is comfort food at this juncture.

  11. #11 Sano says:

    “Well this is his first appearance since OMD, so is it a coincidence or a red haring? LOL”

    It’s actually not Mephisto’s first appearance since OMD. He has shown up in X-Infernus with the Demon Council which consists of Mephisto, Blackheart, Hella, Satanish and Dormammu. Mephisto along with the Demon Council also showed up in the Captain Britain MI 13 Annual.

    But yes this is Mephisto’s first appearance anywhere near Spider-Man’s radar with Norman Osborn and Gargan Venom beind Dark Avengers.

    Illuminati, Cabal, Demon Council, whatever this new group is… Boy these Marvel characters sure like to form secret little groups nowadays….

  12. #12 Sano says:

    EDIT: being

  13. #13 Sybiotic €vO says:

    is it just me or the Sentry alway get vaporized or something? all that power and he always gets naild or simply put aside i think no one has found a better purpose for the character other than make the treats look serious by taking him out easy, sigth! seems to me that with greater power comes great uselessnes