Web of Spider-Man #1 Review

I’ll admit, I’m not the most knowledgeable about the stories told in this issue. I have never read the Clone Saga, but there’s a Kaine story in here. I’ve read (in total) three issues of Spider-Girl and we have Spectacular Spider-Girl in here. HOWEVER, I have read the issue that contained the first appearance of Frog-Man!




ECHOES by DeMatteis, Semeiks and Green


Kaine is locked up in a secret, maximum security facility. He makes a good attempt at escape before hallucinating and being captured again. The dreams continue with Ben Reilly, Louise Kennedy and The Jackal guest-starring. Just when Kaine is ready to let go of life, the fourth ghost (this time Peter Parker) inspires him and he will live his new life.

Just a little narrative thing. Nothing great, but nothing bad about it either. You see a lot of the same thing all around the place, guy reflects on his life, he feels like it’s a waste, he gets inspired anew to become better. Art was bearable.




ANGELS & DEVILS by DeFalco, Frenz and Buscema (Sal)


Spider-Girl is tied up in chains after being pummelled by Tombstone in her last adventure. She breaks free and takes care of Tombstone’s goons before the “Jersey Devil”, which is actually Batwing, swoops down and carries Spider-Girl off. She breaks free and falls in the snowy ground before being given a lift by a local priest. Meanwhile, April as Spider-Girl in New York gets into a tussle with Fury, which she sort of loses…


Fun story with quite a bit packed into it, considering the page count. There’s a difference between the two Spider-Girls and they each have their own personality, which is very cool. A few running threads seems intriguing and Spider-Girl is due a lo of trouble soon. The art was good, can’t really complain with Frenz and Buscema on the roster.




THE FABULOUS FROG-MAN by McKeever and Buscema (Stephanie)


Spider-Man stops The Kangaroo while Frog-Man gets annoying and they are joined by The Tadpole


Erm…cute? Maybe? I suppose?





2.5 out of 5 webheads.


A decent first issue, though it feels like one of the Spider-Man; Extra issues. Some background that could be said, but there’s no room in the main title. We have Spider-Girl which is fun to read and hopefully this book keeps it going. We also have this Frog-Man thing…the less said the better.

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