1_amazing_spider_man_611AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #611

Writer: Joe Kelly

Penciler: Eric Canete

Inker: Eric Canete

Story Title: This Man, This Expletive Deleted


Deadpool gets a job. Quips are exchanged. Mama jokes are thrown down. The Gauntlet begins.

The Commentary


God I hated the art in this issue.

Then again I wasn’t much on the writing either. I think I have mentioned how hit and miss Kelly’s work has been with me in the past and while this issue had some funny moments and I did think that the Mama joke scene at the end was laugh worthy this was a pretty useless issue. Deadpool shows up, fights with Spider-Man, distracts him and then walks away. Some people might dig this sort of thing.

I am not one of them.

As I indicated at the top of this review my main beef with this issue is the art. I am not going to say that Eric Canete can’t draw because obviously he can. The people look like people. Messed up, anime-like people with wacky proportions but people nonetheless. I just didn’t like it. Usually I am pretty easy going when it comes to art and when I don’t like the art it usually falls under one of two categories; either the person doesn’t have the talent or I found it annoying. We’ve established that Canete has talent so that just leaves me being annoyed. I may sound like a stodgy old man yelling at the neighbor kids that I didn’t fight in no dubba dubba two to have them walk on my lawn but I think that Amazing Spider-Man should have the best and brightest the industry has to offer. Instead we get wacky art guy.


That’s two sighs for one issue. This isn’t going well.

Parting Thoughts

This is quite possibly my shortest review ever but at the same time not a whole heck of a lot happened. Deadpool and Spider-Man fought after a fairly unfunny scene of Deadpool claiming that Obama is trying to hire him to kill Norman Osborn. It’s not that I don’t think the President should be referred to in such a manner. I just want it to be funny. Overall this was a lack luster issue.

Still better than 605, but little else is worse.

1 out of 5 webheads.

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