96 PFC Spider ManWho knew Spidey was a WW2 vet. Leave your funny caption in the comment section.

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11 Responses to “Spider-Captions # 84”

  1. #1 Bethereds says:

    Spinne-Menche, Spinne-Menche, dos verboten ich bin ein Berliner-Menche..

    (I don’t speak german so I can’t really translate it.)

    Kumo-ou Kumo-ou, kumo no you ni dekiruze. Webu wo yoku tukereruze, dorobo mo atumarareruze, hora! mite, Kumo-ou iru yo!

    (I do speak Japanese, but this translation takes a lot of liberties, since they call him Supaida-Man in Japan anyway…)

  2. #2 Any wheatcakes left? says:

    Of course Spidey was in WW2. Remember the unreleased Ditko cover of Amazing Fantasy 15 when he was punching Hitler in the face?

  3. #3 daredevil man without beer says:

    BASE!!!!! how low can you go from death row, what’s a brother know back is the in incredible rythme-enible cause you know who i be, i be numba 1. Like da termanator x fund……………CHAAAAA!!!

  4. #4 spiderman252 says:

    Hey pal, have you seen Captain America around? We are caught in the same time loop…

  5. #5 BD says:

    LOL @ the comments. Spiderman252, I literally just laughed out loud.

  6. #6 herbiepopnecker says:

    Oh, cool….I’m being reborn!
    Does this mean I get to stay married to MJ?!
    I wanna!!

  7. #7 Eugene Hwang says:

    Spidey’s mission to travel back in time to save his parents from the Red Skull went awry when he found out that even back then… THEY WERE ROBOTS!!!!!

  8. #8 Billium3 says:

    What? You guys didn’t know Spidey’s an unlockable character in Call of Duty 3?

  9. #9 AbdulAziz says:

    I saw this image before, my friend gave me the link, just don’t know where

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