2_amazing_spider_man_612_granov_50_50_cover_AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #612

  • Writer: Mark Waid/Joe Kelly
  • Penciler: Paul Azaceta/JM Ken Nimura
  • Inker: Paul Azaceta/JM Ken Nimura
  • Story Title: Power to the People Part 1/The Other Woman

“Power to the People Part 1”


Max Dillon’s not happy. Bailout for the DB. Wall Street showdown. Electro: Hero of the People.

The Commentary

I’m kind of torn about this issue.

(I also have a Glenn Campbell song stuck in my head now. I mean I actually like that song, but still.)

On one hand I want to applaud the solid writing of this issue after being rather disappointed with the last few months of this title. Waid is one of my favorite writers and while I didn’t care a whole lot for the last issue he wrote this one had me from the first page. There was a lot of depth to the characterization. We saw exactly why Dillon felt the way he did and Waid did such a good job I bought into what Dillon was saying. The concept of the public being against Spider-Man because he is fighting the man they see as a hero is valid and a really great twist on the usual, “We hate Spidey” plot point. I dug what was going on. A lot.

On the other hand I usually get uncomfortable when I read “torn from the headline” stories. I waffle between thinking that a writer should be able to write about anything that inspires them and wanting the comics I read to be escapist entertainment. I hate that I go back and forth on this because there are stories that deal with real world issues that I find compelling and really enjoy and in other cases I’m like, “Man, I just wanted to read about Spider-Man fighting one of his bad guys.”

Sigh. I am such a moody S.O.B.

3_amazing_spider_man_612I guess the main “problem” with this issue is that I agreed with a lot of what the bad guy had to say in this issue. At the risk of having the comments section explode yet again I admit that I am also upset that the government is using tax dollars to bail out businesses. I understand both sides of the issue, but I’m kind of a simple soul and it kind of upsets me that the money I put into the system is saving people that through greed or ineptness or both messed up the big corporations they were working for or owned. Seems kind of unfair but that’s me and how I feel. So while I agreed with Dillon’s position, to a certain extent, I think that maybe the issue was dealt in a heavy handed manner. Waid seems to kind of shove the issue down our throats. It makes for a compelling read but at the same time it was a little too “real” if you catch my meaning.

Waid may have gone a little too far, is what I am saying. This is a truly emotional reaction and I really can’t back it up with examples. It’s just how I feel.

Parting Thoughts

A good story overall despite my reservations. The first part of The Gauntlet definitely has my attention, which I wasn’t expecting at all. For the first time in months I am looking forward to the next issue though this is a very cautious looking forward to.

Wait. I nearly forgot.

Peter was n’t drunk at the wedding?


He just thought he was drunk?


So Peter doesn’t have drunken hook-ups, he’s just an idiot.

Great. I feel much better about the situation because now it seems Michelle tricked Peter into thinking he was drunk to sleep with him.

Or did they not have the drunken hook-up now? Was this just a trick played on Peter by Michelle?

God I hate what writers keep doing with this sub-plot.

62615newstoryimage28120“The Other Woman”

Again the art kills a story for me.

It’s kind of odd that for two stories in a row Joe Kelly has crafted a tale that I care little to nothing about and it is drawn by someone that has a style I absolutely cannot stand. The point of this story seemed to be that Peter is having doubts about his arrangement with the Black Cat, she tells him not to and he meets a woman he’s attracted to.

This was a back-up story and it felt like one.

I mean the scene with Felicia and the woman that was attacked was nice but it was too little too late.

In any case the art did noth ing for me. I am not a of manga/anime/whatever the hell this style was. I really don’t want to go in it anymore because it will just end in me spitting a lot of bile.

In any case, a good main story and a mediocre back-up.

Not bad, all things considered.

3 out of 5 Webheads

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