Hallmark Christmas Ornaments (Marvel/DC) Guide

spideyI very much enjoy the Holiday season, as I’m sure many people here at the CS do as well.  One of the things I look most forward to is the ornament collection at Hallmark.  They usually have one or two superheroes each year, but this time around (most likely due to Marvel’s 70 years of heroes) there are 7 of them.  Read on for my holiday guide!

The Spider-Man that you see above is the second in the “Comic Book Heroes” series.  I believe the first one was half of Superman coming out of a comic book…it was not that attractive.  This is an ornament 4″ in height.  Its price is $16.50.  The reason for the increase in price is because the book usually opens up to show a page of the actual comic.


Here we have another ornament coming in at 4.5″ according to width.  Its price is $15.00.  The design is taken from the Nick cartoon “Wolverine and the X-Men,” so if you’re looking for a Wolvie faithful to the comics, this is not it.  However, I do think that it is a nice design and something that any Wolvie fan would enjoy!


Here is one that I am especially excited about!  Coming in at 4″ tall and $15.00 is Captain America!  The previous Captain America ornament was a mini a part of a set of 5 heroes that connected together.  I am not sure if this is the first full-sized Cap, but it is a beautiful design!

Now on to DC!


I’m pretty sure that every year, without fail, there is a Superman ornament.  Though, I suppose I could say the same about Spider-Man.  I am actually not a fan of this design…most especially the face.  It is 4.5″ in width and $15.00.


I’m pretty sure I have a Batman ornament, but this one is pretty cool!  It is 4.5″ tall and $15.00.  I like the old fashioned grey/blue ensemble, and it is a pose that is rather different.

wwNow, everyone knows how big a fan I am of Wonder Woman, but I really do like this design.  When my mother told me of this ornament, I said that I wouldn’t get it because I already have a Wonder Woman ornament.  However, dressed in her ambassador garb makes her rather pleasing to the eye.  She is 4″ tall and $15.00.

flashI am quite disappointed with this one!  I was super excited to hear that there was a Flash ornament this year…until I saw it.  The design has many flaws, not the least of which are the disproportionate bolts on the Flash’s head.  The other problem I have is that this is not a particular Flash, but Barry Allen and Wally West merged.  The ornament has Barry’s belt but Wally’s boots.  It would have been nice to have a total Barry or a total Wally.  It is the smallest of the ornaments coming in at 3.75″ in height, but it is still $15.00.

I’m waiting for a Batgirl ornament!

Ex animo, Spider-Girl!

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