Marvel  has released another puzzle piece. I’ve photoshopped it over yesterdays image. It seems Carlie Cooper and the Lizard will have a big role in 2010. Click on the picture for a larger view.


16 Responses to “Spider-Man Teaser Puzzle Day 2”

  1. #1 Fred says:

    Let me guess, they are going to try to say that Mary Jane was all wrong for peter and try to excuse OMD/BND by saying that it was not Mephisto who gave peter the deal.

    Yea, that’s how predictable and bad Spiderman has gotten over the last two years under Quesada and Wacker.

  2. #2 Enigma_2099 says:

    Nope… still don’t care.

    call me when they make that deal with the devil go away….

  3. #3 Berserkfury819 says:

    Does anyone seriously care if Peter hooks up with Carlie Cooper? We all know how its going to end…

  4. #4 Danish Web says:

    hese guys don’t care about Spider-Man or the old-school fans, their loyalty is to themselves and to the Silver Age, what THEY used to read, and to hell with true fans. They treat women like objects, a vile, repugnant stance, and they reveal in the idea that they can’t be touched for it. But karma is a bitch and these guys are going to feel it hard.

    I’m more intrigued by DeFalco’s grand plans for April in Spider-Girl. Methinks she’ll gradually gravitate towards The Black Tarantula’s way of life, and MJ will get pissed off Mayday let her slip from her responsible fingers

    Even if the sequel to OMD is what we want it to e, and it turns out the marraige was always going to come back like Steve was always going to come back…was it worth the lies and comrpomises, the bile and the side-taking? Much like Steve’s return, if it’s what we want, it’ll be divine levels of suck. Slott can’t write Spidey for beans and neither can the rest of the webheads.

    Bring back the true continuity, DeFalco needs the publicity.

  5. #5 Jesse Garrett says:

    I’d much rather peter get with Carlie then that sorry caricature Michele. I wonder if th at is supposed to be Mac Gargen and the MVP clone scarlet spider in the top left corner?

  6. #6 Amfan15 says:

    Isn’t it sad that this jigsaw puzzle campaign is more interesting than ANYTHING that’s been going on in the comics?

  7. #7 Any wheatcakes left? says:

    I like this teaser campaign, makes for good speculation.

  8. #8 Sano says:

    The next puzzle piece will reveal that Spider-Man is reaching for a Web of Spider-Man comic so he can read Spider-Girl instead of his own book. That would make perfect sense to me!

  9. #9 Javi says:

    who did the art for this piece?

  10. #10 Spider-Girl says:

    The big question is…who is he reaching for?

  11. #11 Miles_Warren says:

    I’m guessing its MJ Spider-Girl. Remember that OMD teaser that Wacker said would be released in a few days? Well that was a few days ago….lol

  12. #12 Berserkfury819 says:

    MJ Spider-Girl? an you clarify Miles?

  13. #13 Web-Head says:

    Javi^^ Pasqual Ferry did the art for this.

  14. #14 Nate says:

    I hope it turns out that ben reilly is alive an in an iron spider costume
    (crosses fingers)

  15. #15 Miles_Warren says:

    Sorry Berserk. I was talking to Spider-Girl when I sais that he may be reaching out to MJ …lol

  16. #16 Javi says:

    thanks Web-Head!