12 Responses to “Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Peter Parker?”

  1. #1 Carnagesblood says:

    …no please….while i dont hate him i dont feel that hes right for the part. sometimes the Actor/Director combo thing gets a little annoying….

  2. #2 Sarcasmic says:

    JGL as Spidey is an awesome pairing…
    I doubt he’ll get the role though, as it’s more high school orienated… Still, If JGL and Webb were both signed on for this, my ticket would be already sold.

  3. #3 Andrew C says:

    C’mon the dude looks like an alien (no 3rd rock reference intended). He is also 10 years too old to be playing a highschool student.

  4. #4 Spider-Girl says:

    1. I find it ironic that he talks about “bringing heart to the film instead of just raw action” when that’s what Raimi was doing all along!

    2. I actually really like Gordon-Levitt right now. He has really matured. Yea, the age thing could be a problem, but if they picked him I’d be ok with it. Anyone but Zac Efron and RPatz.

  5. #5 KC says:

    I really don’t see this happening. I think this reboot aims to correct the mistakes of the past film series, and that would include casting someone too old in the part.

  6. #6 AbdulAziz says:

    The kid from “Third Rock From The Sun”?
    Who is now way too old to be a “High School” student?
    Does he enjoy Spider-Man or is he there only for the big money?

  7. #7 -_- says:

    nope… and good point spider-girl. in fact, its some of those moments (where it could be considered the more heart-felt parts) that i felt either dragged, or had mary jane being whiny. Sometimes.

  8. #8 Javi Trujillo says:

    I swear this was debunked somewhere, with Sony stating they wanted an unknown (someone cheaper)…

  9. #9 Sano says:

    You can’t be Cobra Commander and Spider-Man at the same time man first Ryan Reynolds playing Green Lantern and Deadpool and now this. Stop trying to rip the space time fabric wide open Hollywood GAWD…

  10. #10 Steve Rogers says:

    Can MTV just leave well enough alone? Geez, the guy is promoting something else, NOT SPIDER-MAN! What the hell is MTV doing? This isn’t covering the news, its “MAKING THE NEWS!” And quite frankly pisses this wannabe journalist off quite a bit.

  11. #11 devane says:

    If they are setting this in high school like they say thank they might be able to get away with him as a high school student but unlikely, however it should be noted that he’s only 28 when Maguire did spiderman 1 he was in high school for the first 1 hour of the film and he wsa 27 at the time so levitt’s age really isnt that bigger issue, would love to see him as spiderman

  12. #12 Webslinger 89 says:

    JGL maybe a bit old for a highschooler but toby took the role when he was in his late 20s. JGL i think is a good choice 4 parker. i think he would be able to pull off peter/spidey sarcastic nature and witty comeback quiet well. dont you think, plus if tyhis rboot takes plac in the ultimate universe he would have the physique for it too, and i think he would fit quite well into an avengers movie too