Slott mentioned something interesting when talking to CBR about “Amazing Spider-Man” issue 619.

“Expect another Spider-Man villain back from the dead. And I don’t mind putting on my P.T. Barnum hat and saying that you can expect the shock of the year in the next issue of Amazing. It’s huge.”

Interesting. Talking to Brad on Skype, his money is on Kraven. Who do you all think it is?


28 Responses to “Dan Slott says expect another resurrection”

  1. #1 Donovan Grant says:

    Bennett Brant!

  2. #2 Bertone says:

    Well it is a mob story and this creative team seems to love Betty

  3. #3 spidertour02 says:

    Kraven. All signs have pointed to that in solicitations and with the way the story has developed.

  4. #4 Rorschach says:

    Green Goblin! Oh, wait… nevermind.

  5. #5 Web-Head says:

    Calling Big Man. Wacker posted a page with him on it from this issue on Twitter. Go look for it!

  6. #6 herbiepopnecker says:

    It would be a complete shock if I were to waste my time and money on this!

  7. #7 Bryan says:

    Would these idiots really ruin the epicness of “Kraven’s Last Hunt” by bringing him back? Do they understand they’ll be tarnishing one of the most beloved Spidey story arcs ever if they do so?

  8. #8 Berserkfury819 says:

    Yes they would, and either they don’t understand or they don’t care.

    My money is on Kraven.

  9. #9 Matt Byrd says:

    I agree with you Bryan I know for fact they WILL Destroy “KRAVEN’S Last Hunt” which by the way came out when Allen Moore’s The Killing Joke came out. It just shows how disrespectful the current writers are to all of SPIDER-MAN history I mean let Queasda go over to D.C. and screw with Superman comic history for God’s sake he should be out to ruin them as well huh?(Everyone here knows Supes been married to Lois Lane for ten years less than Spidey to Mary Jane right?)

  10. #10 ASPman says:

    I’m betting on Kraven. I think the Gauntlet has something to do with his Resurrection.

  11. #11 Javi Trujillo says:

    was listening to the new commentary on Star Trek II blu ray last night. The director stated he turned down the offer to direct III as he didn’t believe in resurrections. However, as his co-commentator pointed out, knowing the story of treks 3-11 in no way lessens the impact of the end of II some 25 years later

  12. #12 Javi Trujillo says:

    and what i meant to say was, Fearful Symmetry will still be awesome even if the writers bring Kraven back

  13. #13 AmFan15 says:

    I REALLY hope it’s not Kraven, but seeing as to how the current bigwigs love to spit on Spidey’s history, I wouldn’t doubt it.
    Regardless of who it is, though, it’s just another nail in the coffin of my love of Marvel.

  14. #14 Andrew says:


  15. #15 nate says:

    spidercide never died so it wouldnt be a ressurection (even though i think it would be neat)

    I’m hoping its ben reilly

  16. #16 Andrew says:

    Well duh, Nate. I was joking. Obviously no one in their right mind wants to see Spidercide back. :-/

  17. #17 Hambone says:

    Is it Silvermane?

  18. #18 Bryan says:

    Please let it be Ben Reilley, no one would care about that

  19. #19 spideytracer says:

    I for one would love to see the return of Spencer Smythe and his Spider Slayers! What can I say, I have a soft spot for a mad scientist and his robot :0). But the thing is, my Spider sense is tingling, and I have a feeling we’re gonna see the return of a blond haired clone…

  20. #20 SuperChencho says:

    Think about this… Did bringing back Norman Osborn cheapen “The Death of Gwen Stacy.” I think the best Norman stories are being written in Thunderbolts, Dark Reign, and everything else related to that.

  21. #21 FrakTheRules says:

    Yeah, but that isnt really Norman is it? It’s Lex Luthor. Marvel brought Osborn back because the 1980s Buisnessman Lex was, at the time, the best version of the character in the Superman comics and had been doing a LOT of what Norman would end up doing years before. I find him far more effective just being the Goblin up to his mad old schemes of revenge against Spidey.

    Who knows? Maybe after Seige, he’ll go back to riding a broom stick and sharing corny one-liners with a ressurected Crime Master.

    The potential that exists for Kraven’s return DWARFS the ideas that they used for Norman when he came bac…Kraven vs Black Panther for control of Wakanda? Sergei is LOADED, in the modern Marvel world where “reality” is at the forefront of superhero fiction, he ought to be a politically-minded buisnessman who can take out his own competition, he should be funding reality television shows looking for people to join his “pack” of Hunters. The guy is more effective in a contempory age than Mr. Coffe

  22. #22 Gorosaur says:

    If they bring Karven back, I’m gonna lose it.

  23. #23 JGC says:

    My money’s on either Gwen Stacy or Capt. Stacy. God I hope I’m wrong!

  24. #24 Captain Cheesesteak says:


  25. #25 DeadMeat says:

    Carnage is dead, right? It won’t be him, but he is dead isn’t he?

  26. #26 AmFan15 says:

    @JGC: Man, and I thought the Kraven idea was abhorrent! The Stacys were even more important deaths than Kraven’s was, and helped shape Spidey into the man he is…er, was. If a Stacy, Kraven, or (Stan forbid) Uncle Ben are resurrected, then I give up.

  27. #27 SuperChencho says:

    Well, Slott said a villain, right? So I’m guessing supporting characters like the Stacys are safe… for now.

    I’m pretty sure Carnage is supposed to be dead. The Sentry threw the symbiote into the sun (although they were also saying that Cletus Cassidy may not have been bonded with Carnage at the time). It doesn’t matter. The Cosmic Carnage storyline was supposed to put a stop to his overuse but it didn’t.

  28. #28 Iron Lantern says:

    I almost 70% sure its Carnage, a while ago I heard he was having a big comeback. The only thing I’m doubting is WHEN, and if technically it’s even a resurrection… The Lizard is getting a massive amp-up soon too (if it didn’t already happen, I’m a few months behind on my comics).