Here’s the second Spider-Caption of 2010. I present Gangsta Spidey. If you’re new to the game, leave a funny caption in the comment section for this picture.

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15 Responses to “Spider-Captions # 93”

  1. #1 bandito says:

    gotta keep your thwip hand strong playa. church.

  2. #2 Spider-Girl says:

    Lethal Weapon 5

  3. #3 Any wheatcakes left? says:

    Another variant cover for Amazing Spider-Man #650.

  4. #4 Berserkfury819 says:

    Brand New Day begins to affect the action figures.

  5. #5 Donovan Grant says:

    “Hangin’ wit’ the goody goodies, loungin’ in paradise/fuck dat shit, I wanna tote guns an’ shoot dice”

  6. #6 Georgie27 says:

    Lisa: don’t you see that malibu stacey the things she says are wrong!
    Little girl: there’s something wrong with what my stacey says.
    Girls pulls cord on back of stacey doll.
    Malibu stacey: My spidey sense is tingling . Did anyone call for a webslingher.
    LMAO: Gotta love the Simpsons

  7. #7 Captain Cheesesteak says:

    Since Rami left, the spidey movies sure have changed,..

  8. #8 Matt Byrd says:

    “Hey Kyle Reese please protect me from that TERMINATOR killing machine after me… hey when did you start making deals with the devil to be so bad ass Spidey?”

  9. #9 gianni toyman says:

    “Quick! pretend like we’re making out. That way we won’t draw any attention to ourselves!”

  10. #10 Extreme Spider says:

    Like Peter Parker in the comix, “Gettin Laid Tryng to get laid and failing to get laid” (Madgoblin, 2009)

  11. #11 WKB says:

    Where is my money B****! Pimping ain’t easy!

  12. #12 herbiepopnecker says:

    Curse our anatomically-incorrect plastic bodies….!!

  13. #13 Jason Marsh Larouche says:

    The Spider-Man 4 that never happened. THANK GOD!

  14. #14 Pop Culture Fan says:

    “When good Gwen Stacy dolls go bad….”

  15. #15 Synister fringe says:

    Yo Ken you want barbie back? Come get her punk!