Spideydude.com unveils ‘Lost Pages’ to Peter Parker: Spider-Man 75

Did you know that there were ‘Missing Pages’ To Peter Parker Spider-Man #75? Okay, kinda storta. You see, there was a trade released back in 1997 that featured the end story to the Clone Saga, to celebrate, John Romita Jr and Howard Mackie were told to add ‘Extra Pages’ FOR the trade. To get the scans, I had to scour the Internet, but I finally found them a couple months back. Upon finding the pages, I worked on getting them up. But, like many case, it has taken me awhile to do so. So Sit back, relax, and when you’re making your rounds on various websites, such as this one, check out Spideydude.com these next two weeks. From today (2/4) through the 17th, we’ll a new page each day. On the 18th, we’ll have a wrap up, with the Afterward published the following day. Highlights include: A) Ben and Norman’s previously off-panel fight, Jimmy 6 and Peter talking, Ben’s ‘Funeral’ and Norman’s rise, previously unseen before his reappearance in Spectacular Spider-Man 248, where he announced in the very next issue that he had bought the Daily Bugle. (Yeah, and no one ever references that again, save for Bendis!) Anyway, bookmark Spideydude.com, and continue to check us out!