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    Siege the day! SIEGE #2 “The Siege of Asgard – Phase Two” WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis PENCILER: Olivier Coipel INKER: Mark Morales COLORIST: Laura Martin LETTERER Chris Eliopoulos PLOT: Balder and Heimball inform Ares that Osborn lied about Loki controlling Asgard, Maria Hill helps Thor escape from Iron Patriot,…

  • Spectacular Web’s Podcast #6 episode 5

    “Competition” is reviewed, as Thomas and I talk about the Sandman, Harry Osborn’s swelling ego, and possible royalties owed to Sam Raimi! [audio:http://spectacularwebspodcast.podomatic.com/enclosure/2010-02-07T10_56_53-08_00.mp3] To download onto your PC, follow this link: http://spectacularwebspodcast.podomatic.com/ And remember if you want to leave lingering thoughts or comments, go to our forums at http://www.thecomicforums.com/

  • Spider-Girl & Untold Tales of Spider-Man Coming Back?

    Rich Johnson is reporting that Spider-Girl could soon be getting her own book again. No other details were given. However, Steve Wacker confirmed that Kurt Busiek and Pat Oliffe are teaming up on a Spider-book. The two had a great run on the 1990’s “Untold Tales of Spider-Man.”