Images from the 2010 Toy Fair have hit the interwebs. There is a ton of product coming from Hasbro and Marvel. In the dozens of figures, this is the one I’m most looking forward to. A Marvel Universe Mary Jane figure with Ms. Lion. If you don’t remember her, she was the cute little dog from the “Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends” cartoon in the 1980s. I’m soo getting this one.

9 Responses to “Ms. Lion Action Figure Coming Soon”

  1. #1 Spider-Girl says:

    Haha, if you’re lucky, Mrs. Crawlspace will let you keep Ms. Lion on your nightstand!

  2. #2 Captain Cheesesteak says:

    Kudos to Hasbro for putting this out. While I don’t like that they’ve shrunk the action figure toy line to such a small size, they are putting out some great select pieces like this and the Amazing Bag-man.

  3. #3 AbdulAziz says:

    Come Again…..?

  4. #4 WKB says:

    Is it me or is there a lot of junk in that trunk?

  5. #5 Anton Phibes says:

    At last, the eighth little superhero!

    But man, that’s going to be a really small figure! While it’s cool to finally get Ms. Lion (shouldn’t have come with Angelica Jones instead of Mary Jame? Oh well, it’s being released) I wonder if a Ms. Lion made for 6-inch figures might not be better. On one of my shelves cowers Jonny Quest’s dog Bandit, as made by Mcfarlane toys, in roughly 6 inch scale. Bandit is 1 inch wide and and 1.5 inches long and about an inch tall. I think that Bandit is small enough to lose–if he weren’t cowering from that Parademon menacing him–and I’d hate to imagine the dimensions on 3 3/4 inch scale Ms. Lion, unless the toymakers mold her out of proportion.

  6. #6 spidertour02 says:

    I’m sorry, but the 3 3/4 inch Marvel figures are JUNK. I know that those smaller figures are Hasbro’s “thing,” but I miss the larger-scale ones from Toy Biz that came out in the 90s.

  7. #7 Hambone says:

    I like the 3 3/4″ line. They don’t take up as much space around the house.

    Plus, they’re compatible with the G.I. Joe and Star Wars figures, and it’s fun to make Daredevil pilot the G.I. Joe Tomahawk chopper.

  8. #8 Enigma2099 says:

    D*****!!! There’s ANOTHER Marvel Universe figure I have to buy. Then I can finally do that 3 way scene with her, red and blue, and Symbiote Spidey…

    Imagine… she’ll get ******* just like we did with this line…

    And at this rate, Spidertour, I’d even take the return of Hasbro’s 6 inch line.

  9. #9 Kelly Leiner says:

    Cool boys, thanks