New Crawl Space Reviewers Announced

Thank you to everyone who applied for a review position at the Crawl Space. I told you earlier that the positions  fill up quick, and it only took two days.  Jason Marsh Larouche  will be reviewing Web of Spider-Man. He has done a stellar job with his Ultimate Spider-Man reviews.

And Joshua Lapin-Bertone will be reviewing the various Spidey mini-series. He’s going to tackle the Jackpot mini-series out of the gate.

So here’s how the review staff is broken down.

Michael Bailey-Amazing Spider-Man x3 a month

Jason Marsh Larouche-Ultimate Spider-Man & Web of Spider-Man

Joshua Lapin-Bertone- Various Spider-Mini Series

Spideydude-Clone Saga Mini,  Spectacular Spider-Girl and Clone Saga Trades

Stella aka Bubba Moose- Spider-Woman

George Berryman-Spider-Man & Secret Wars, Marvel DVD reviews and Editorials

Crazy Chris-Siege

Patrick Brusnahan-Dark Avengers and New Avengers

Donovan Morgan Grant-Spec Spider-Man cartoon reviews and soon 1990’s Spider-Man episodes.

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