Alright Folks, It’s someone’s birthday today. Come Celebrate BD’s 35th Birthday in style on the Message Board, or simply leave a comment here.


24 Responses to “It’s Brad Douglas’ Birthday!”

  1. #1 stillanerd says:

    Happy Birthday, BD!

  2. #2 bandito says:

    Happy b-day BD! Best. Website. Ever.

  3. #3 stampdude says:


  4. #4 Bertone says:

    Brad, if it wasn’t for you or your site we’d all have more free time on our hands….but that free time would be boring and suck. That’s what it comes down to when you put it in basics, you’ve made life less boring and less sucky. As a result I hope your birthday is neither boring nor sucky. Excelsior!

  5. #5 AbdulAziz says:

    Happy Birthday
    That cake looks too ugly, I don’t what to touch it

  6. #6 Doc Folsome says:

    Happy Birthday to ya BD, you’re a true spider-champion!

  7. #7 SpiderPlumber says:

    Hey Brad…happy Birthday! Nice to have another Spidey fan with a Feb. birthday…I turned 39 on the 9th! Enjoy!!!!

  8. #8 Spider-Girl says:

    Happy Birthday, Bossman!

  9. #9 Berserkfury819 says:

    Happy Birthday BD!

  10. #10 Flinx79 says:

    Happy birthday, Brad! May your webs never tangle!

  11. #11 Matisleonhart says:

    Happy Birthday Brad

  12. #12 Jason Marsh Larouche says:

    Hey Brad. Happy Birthday, buddy!

  13. #13 Enigma2099 says:

    Happy Birthday to you…

    Happy Birthday to you…

    You smell like a gorilla…

    … that belongs in a zoo!(/joke)

    Now, where’s the paddle? Who gets to spank him?

  14. #14 Donovan Grant says:

    Feliz Cumpleanos Jefe!

  15. #15 Hambone says:

    Happy Birthday Brad!

  16. #16 DiabeticSpidey says:

    Happy birthday, Brad!! I hope you have a great day, and get lots of Spidey stuff.

  17. #17 Styleshift says:

    Happy Birthday BD!!! =D

  18. #18 Joseph says:

    wow your birthday is just after mine! Happy day!

  19. #19 Cmvmool says:

    Happy Birthday my fellow Spidey fan.

  20. #20 Iron Lantern says:

    Best wishes, good chap!

  21. #21 Izzy says:

    Happy birthday!

  22. #22 CarnageRules9 says:

    Happy birthday Brad.

  23. #23 Matt Byrd says:

    Have a great B-Day Brad, your spider website is always fun to come to and get LOST on are you a fan of that show because it is in a way an comic book come to life. I like the show of HEROES but LOST had me with it’s many different characters and how they all know each other both from the island and off of it as well. For what LOST is right now it’s better than Spider-Man in his own comic book but the newspaper strip is right there with LOST in have to wait till the next segment to find out what’s going on, and yes I believe Stan Lee pays more attention to fans than Marvel ever will!, Again have a great Birthday Mr. Dougless

  24. #24 Sano says:

    Happy late B-Day BD! Mine was on March 5th.