Podcast 94-Spider-Panel Tackles Movie Reboot and More


In this episode the Crawl Space panel tackles the Spider-Man movie reboot. We also discuss why Zac Effron is a horrible choice to play the web-spinner. Another topic is examining how far is too far to take your love of Spidey. A man recently dressed up as Spidey at his wedding, is that going too far? There’s also discussion of the new Black Cat bust from Sideshow Collectibles, and we review Amazing Spider-Man # 617-619. We also examine if all the Activision Spider-Man games have sucked like their President claims. Plus in this month in Spider-History we look back at February 1996. A ton of Spider-Comics came out that month.

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In case you missed our other show for February here’s the link. In the show I interviewed Mrs. Crawlspace about being married to a spider-geek!

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