Writer: Dan Slott

Penciler: Marcos Martin

Inker: Marcos Martin

Story Title: Mysterioso Part 3: Smoke and Mirrors


Mysterio prepares for the final act. Spider-Man vs. Silvermane. Spider-Man vs. Mysterio. Recruitment.

The Commentary


That’s how I would describe Mysterioso as a whole. What should have been an action packed, psychologically driven story turned out to be a rather pedestrian tale with a boring ending. I really wanted to like this because as I mentioned in the review of the first part of this story I like the organized crime centric Spider-Man stories. Mysterioso is not one of the best examples of that kind of tale.

It could be my fault. There are people that might really dig this story. I’m just not one of them. All of the elements that were supposed to grab me as a reader (the return of a classic villain, the return of the mobster type villains, the Captain Stacey reveal, the whole thing with Carlie’s father) didn’t have any kind of impact. The writing was solid. Dan Slott put a lot of effort into this final part of Mysterioso and it wasn’t as muddled as the second chapter. Despite all of that I just wasn’t feeling this one.

The one element of this issue and story that I did like quite a bit was the art. Visually this was a stunning story and there were some classic Spider-Man shots. Page twenty in particular stood out to me. There were definite Romita, Sr. echoes here and I dug the heck out of that as I am a big fan of John Romita, Sr.’s work on Spider-Man. Page eighteen was very cool and creepy as well. Marcos Martin is a very strong artist and has a great sense of storytelling. I especially like that some pages have more than three or four panels, which is becoming rare in the current comic book landscape.

Parting Thoughts

We are three or so storylines into The Gauntlet and so far I am not impressed. It feels more like a series of typical Spider-Man stories with an element that tenuously links all of them. So far all we have seen is a whole lot of recruitment and not much in the way of chipping away at Spider-Man until he is at the breaking point and then pouncing. Don’t get me wrong; it has been really cool to see some of the more classic villains. I’m just disappointed in how everything has played out thus far.

2.5 out of 5 webheads.