Character returns to “Amazing” after almost forty year absence!

Last week, we saw a character return to “Amazing Spider-Man” that hadn’t been seen in almost forty years. Who was this character and how was their triumphant return?

Writers and fans are always talking about the glory of the Lee/Romita era. They long for the love triangle of Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy, Peter and Harry being roommates and the classic ESU gang. There is a member of the gang that is largely forgotten. His name is Josh.

You’re probably asking who Josh is.

Josh was part of the ESU gang. Truth be told, he was actually seen on ESU’s campus more than Mary Jane was (until Gerry Conway’s run). He was frequently seen with Randy and usually spouting political talk about “whitey”. He was never given a last name, although this website calls him “Josh Kittling” but there is no source for that. The appearance list it gives for him is also incomplete.

I’m not accepting that last name as canon until I see a source as some Spider-Man Marvel indexes have also neglected to give Josh a last name. There is some question over if Greg Weisman (the writer of this story) intended it to be Josh. He is colored white but that may be because Rob Schwager, the colorist, wasn’t aware that Josh was anyone special and assumed he was another bit character like the army buddies who appeared later in the story.

Judging by Greg Weisman’s knowledge of Spidey history, and the other obscure characters he threw in the story, I am going to assume this is Josh.

Josh wasn’t the only obscure character Weisman remembered. Consider this part one in a series of four forgotten characters. Stay tuned.

Check out this slideshow to brush up on your Josh history!