Forgotten character spotlight: Jason Ionello

We recently discussed Josh, an obscure “Amazing Spider-Man” character who Greg Weisman revived in his Flash Thompson backup story from “Amazing Spider-Man” issue 622. As I said then, Josh wasn’t the only obscure character brought back. I thought it would be fun to take a look at the rest of them.

You can see Flash saying hello to Jason and Tiny in the above picture. I was originally going to spotlight Jason and Tiny together but while preparing the slideshow, I decided Jason had so much story that he deserved his own spotlight.

Who is this Jason?

His name is Jason Ionello and he was a character created for Kurt Busiek’s “Untold Tales of Spider-Man” series. In the series, Kurt took background characters from Midtown High and fleshed them out. Jason was a member of Flash’s gang who was always trying to take the spotlight from Thomson. He tried pranking Peter, but even Flash would admit that Jason took things too far at times. He couldn’t catch a break. He and Sally Avril had various schemes such as trying to figure out Spider-Man’s secret identity, becoming action news photographers and even setting up a superhero identity for Sally.

Eventually Sally was killed during one of these schemes in a car crash. Jason was the driver and he had no license. His character took a very dark turn until Flash helped him in the issue 24 of “Untold Tales of Spider-Man”. “Tales” ended an issue later. Jason was not seen in the final issue or any book since. Now he has made a cameo in “Amazing Spider-Man” issue 622.

Check out the slideshow to see the rise and fall of Jason Ionello.