Spider-Girl in 616?

Tom Defalco recently spoke with Newsarama to promote the upcoming relaunch of Spider-Girl. One notable tidbit stood out for me.

Nrama: Has there been any thought of just moving Spider-Girl to the present time and having her deal with life in the current Marvel universe the way Marvel Girl and Cable have been used?

DeFalco: Yes. Joe Quesada, Tom Brevoort, Tom Brennan, Ron Frenz and I have occasionally discussed the idea of transferring Mayday to the current and so-called ‘real’ Marvel Universe.  Unfortunately, I think that a big part of Mayday’s appeal is because she has a large supporting cast — each with their own histories, hang-ups and conflicts — and we couldn’t possibly bring them all with us.  Also, since Mayday could no longer interface with her dad, mom or baby brother in the real MU, the series would become about her efforts to return home.  It’s an interesting creative challenge.  Ron Frenz and I are still working on a solution and we think we’re getting close…


Interesting stuff. I know there has been talks of bringing Mayday into the regular Marvel continuity for some time, but Tom Defalco hasn’t seem enthusiastic about the idea.

I’m not sure I like the idea either. Spider-Girl belongs in the MC2 Universe. Having here appear in the 616 Universe would just confuse things too much. What do you guys think?

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