Spider-Woman Ends at #7

So, Spider-Girl here.  You all are quite lucky that I do not swear or else I would be saying things that would make a sailor blush!

As taken from a Cup O’ Joe Panel at ECCC:

“A fan of Spider-Woman came up and asked about the status of the character. Bendis informed him that while she will appear in his new “Avengers” book, issue #7 will be the last of her self-titled series. He explained that the motion comic was much more work than artist Alex Maleev had anticipated, and he really needed a break. For those people who have missed Maleev’s art on a more regular basis, Bendis had good news – the two of them will be releasing a book through Marvel’s Icon imprint in the near future.”

ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?!  While I know some people will disagree, in my opinion, Spider-Woman was currently one of the bright points being published by Marvel.  Not only is Jessica a believable female character, she was a STRONG character, and one with a great future!

Why put her in a team book when the main focus is always going to be on the Big Three?  I have two solutions in order to keep Spider-Woman’s solo series going:

1.  Drop the motion comic!


There!  Problem solved!

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Man…I feel like punching something… <_>