You’ve heard of Stan Lee’s Soapbox, well here’s Spidey’s. Feel free to add a funny caption in the comment section.

10 Responses to “Spider-Captions # 112”

  1. #1 WKB says:

    Spidey forgot his sign: Will Webswing for a buck.

  2. #2 Nova#1 says:

    Man, Spidey got desperate after his most recent bout of unemployment.

  3. #3 Spider-Girl says:

    Ooooo, I see those guys all the time in Italy! Except, they’re not dressed like Spidey!

  4. #4 Arsene lupin III says:

    His is the last tine I stand in while David blaine has a lunch break

  5. #5 spidertour02 says:

    Damn, Nicholas Hammond has really let himself go …

  6. #6 DiabeticSpidey says:

    I sure hope that new super baddie, the Pigeon falls for my trap.

  7. #7 herbiepopnecker says:

    $3.75 more and I get back my marriage!

  8. #8 Jason Marsh Larouche says:

    Someone sue the designer. The webs on his costume are all wrong and there’s not enough black outline around the lenses.

  9. #9 SpideyTerry says:

    Marvel sure is going to ridiculous lengths to charge people $2.99 for a Spidey adventure.

  10. #10 David says:

    Will do spidey stuff for food.