Wanted: Reviewer of Amazing Spider-Man

Update: The position has been filled. More news to come.

This job doesn’t come up that often, so get your submissions in as soon as you can. Our friend Michael Bailey just has too much work on his plate and is stepping down as the reviewer of Amazing Spider-Man. This has nothing to do with the quality of the book, he just has a lot of work with his podcasts and website. He felt it wasn’t fair for the reviews to be several weeks late. In his tenure he’s reviewed Amz # 580-624. That’s a hell of a lot of books, so thank you to him for all of that hard work.
If you think  you can handle the weekly job send me a sample review to my e-mail.
The ideal person will get the book on that Wednesday and have the review posted by the weekend. The sooner the better. Also I’m looking for someone that has an opinion on the book. I don’t want a blow by blow account of what happened in the book. In the past reviews the “Plot” should just take a couple lines. I want the most time spent on the likes and dislikes. Check out some of the previous AMZ reviews to see the format. Good luck and send those reviews in as soon as you can!

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