A special guest is added in this episode of Spec Web’s, as Tom, Don and the mystery guest from the Clone Saga Chronicals, The Batman Universe Podcast, Bertone Beatles Bonanza and assorted others discuss “Catalysts”. Green Goblin, John Jameson, Mary Jane and more are all thoroughy dissected and argued about. Give a listen!

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5 Responses to “Spectacular Web’s Podcast #8 episode 7”

  1. #1 Spider-Girl says:

    Not giving us any hints as to who the mystery guest is, are you? *sarcasm*

  2. #2 GregXB says:

    Just FYI, Keith David voiced Tombstone in the first episode only. All other appearances were Kevin Michael Richardson.

  3. #3 Matisleonhart says:

    Thanks greg, In looking for information, we could find out how many episode Keith did and how many Kevin did. do you know why he only did one episode?

  4. #4 GregXB says:

    Yep, Keith flew to New York City to do Shakespeare In Central Park. So they had to re-cast.

    Keith David only played Tombstone twice. Once in the first episode, and then again at the Gathering 2009 Radio Play.

  5. #5 persian-spider says:

    i remember that i was a tad underwhelmed by this episode when i watched it for teh first time. but it has really grown on me. it son became evident that Greg and co. had sepcial plan for the GG.