After ‘The Gauntlet’: “O.M.I.T.” (An Editorial.)

Oh Joe…

Remember that guy? The one that took away the Marriage? That Guy to the left? Yeah I think we all do. Remember how Joe Quesada came out and said: (paraphrasing) “There will be a story that will be told later on next year…” A story which was supposed to be the summer of 2008, then the summer of 2009. Well this summer, we’re finally getting this story. Read on folks, as there is spoilerriffic images for this upcoming story. In this post, I will explore what, and why it took 2 and 1/2 years for this story as to ‘what really happened’ to finally see the light of day, and my theory as to why One More Day, and it’s sequel OMIT, happened. Did they legitimately think that this would ‘fade away?’ Obviously there is a sect of people who will never let it go away, but there is also a sect of the fanbase that wanted to know what the hell is different, what’s changed, what ‘counts’, or what doesn’t.

Let’s get back to what has been going on over the past three years. Too many times, we at the Crawl Space have gotten into screaming matches that do not lead to substantive debate, too many times the Deltas and Zetas battle it out in a vain attempt to try to see the other side, but when you analyze it, there is a reason we’re getting these stories, and it goes back to the JMS era, and even back to the ‘Reboot.’

At it’s fundamental core, the JMS era is defined by three characters: Peter Parker, Mary Jane, and May Parker. After the reboot, there was a shift to focus on the character of Peter Parker, who like it or not, was damaged by 3 years of character regression, most notably when then EiC-Bob Harras thought it would be a good idea to ‘re-boot’ the Amazing Spider-Man and Peter Parker titles, and by the end of that run, make Peter Parker such a loser,he became homeless and lost his costume on top of being in denial over the death of Mary Jane.

Paul Jenkins entered the picture, and started to study the character, from his first issue, Vol. II #20 (Or 118 if the relaunch never happened.) He began to have Peter start to accept MJ’s death, and 10 months later, helped reunite the couple, if only for one issue.

The goal for that beginning of the run was (eventually) wipe the filth off the character that had bogged the character down that JMS would have somewhat of a clean slate, meaning he wouldn’t have to reference a origin that wasn’t Steve Ditko and Stan Lee,  or would have to work on the character of Peter Parker.

And work he did: He went back to basics, raised questions, and advanced the ongoing tapestry of Amazing Spider-Man. He made the story about Peter Parker, which is what drove the book. He was allowed to progress the character in the direction he saw fit. Which he did, his over-arching storyline of the ‘Spider-Totem’ gave life to Aunt May by revealing the secret, introduced the concept of Peter Parker being a teacher (Getting him away from photography, which was a dying art even then), and brought life to a marriage because the characters needed time away from one another. JMS understood that being married made a whole set of problems outside of the swinging. It’s extremely clear when you read the issue Post-ASM Vol II 50 that Mary Jane was his life partner, his deepest love, and most of all: the love of his life. JMS also understood that Mary Jane had withstood everything thrown at her and Peter, and would never leave his side. This all built up to Back-in-Black, where even when he did deplorable things, (Like committing 17 felonies) the bond never waned.

Until One More Day.

With the ultimate retcon, Joe Quesada made it clear: Peter Parker had advanced too far. He must be brought back to basics. It’s for the children you know.

Because he let progressive storytelling rule the day with JMS and Jenkins, something that was needed to revive the franchise, the Marvel powers that be had to do something drastic in order to revert to a old Status Quo.

Make no mistake, he never liked the marriage because he feels that Spider-Man is about Youth. While as a Youth he made a horrible mistake, it’s not because of his youth, but his irresponsibility, something that is not because of youth, but because of recklessness.

With One More Day, like with JMS, There are no rules. Anything is possible. Nothing is sacred.

In an effort to atone for the lack of progression outside Peter, Mary Jane and May, the Powers that Be went the other direction: they are working on building up the supporting cast. Mary Jane and Peter have regressed greatly over the past three and half years, while characters of Jonah, May, Flash, and Betty have progressed, the main character has not.

Remember when I said there were no rules?

That’s what OMIT is about. OMIT is about that ‘One Moment In Time’ that he said changed: The Wedding.

Everything else still happened.

OMIT has a interesting start: Guitar Picks that were being thrown around at a comic Convention that Joe Played with a band in.

Then came the teaser.

Now, here’s the story revealed:

Almost 100 issues after it’s beginning the ‘What Counts.’ Finally get’s its answer. Is is good, or is it bad? Why wait 95 issues to do this?

Because they wanted to have the new story stand on its own, which like it or not, it could never do simply for having to come after the controversy, that and everyone wanted to introduce their own characters, all of which didn’t take. I mean think about it, which character that was created during the Brand New Day make it to now? Speedball? Really? Where’s Menace? Or Freak? Or the Snow God? Mr. Negative is around, but only when Dan Slott gets a turn.

So we get these re-vamps of the old villians, some which work, others not so much. Now that we got these stories that they wanted to tell right now away, we’re getting answers.

The question is: Does anyone care?

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