Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon Preview Image and Breevort Comments

Marvel  has released a promo image for it’s new Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. The future of Spectacular Spider-Man seems to be in doubt. I have e-mails sent to actor Josh Keaton and producer Greg Weisman to see if they have heard anything. It’d be awesome if those two were involved in the new show.
Marvel editor Tom Breevort is fielding questions about the new cartoon. However, he doesn’t seem too upset about the end of Spectacular Spider-Man based on his answers.  Here are a few quotes from his foamspring account.

Breevort: Yes, there’s a new Ultimate Spider-Man animated series on the way.

Why should we care about this new show when Spectacular was so amazingly better than what you will put out there?

Breevort: It’s nice of you to keep an open mind and look at the thing before you judge it. You remind me of all of teh animated Batman fans who were outraged when Brave and the Bold was announced, most of whom have come around to really loving it. A new show doesn’t somehow mean a censure of teh old show–it’s just a new show! And it’ll be good or bad on its own merits. But it might be better than you think.

Do you feel it unfair that we loose a TERRIFIC show just so you can have team ups? Would it be that bad to leave Spectacular alone and have both shows?

Breevort: No, I don’t think it’s unfair. It’s really amazing, the sense of entitlement some fans have. We did that show, it ran its course,and now it’s done, like so many other things. And given the tremendous cost to mount a production like that, and the limited return on doing so going forwards, we’re putting our efforts now into the next thing. It’s absurd to think that we’d keep producing two competing shows about the same character at the same time. Who does that?

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