Spectacular Spider-Man’s Future Not Good

When I heard that Marvel was starting up the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series I knew this was not good news for the outstanding Spectacular Spider-Man series. Spectacular Producer Greg Weisman and Spider-Man voice actor Josh Keaton have been great friends to me and this website. We’ve talked several times over the last few years. I sent them an e-mail yesterday and they got right back to me. Here is a cut and paste of those e-mails.

BD: “Greg, I’m sure you’re getting bombarded with e-mails, but I just wanted to see if you’ve heard anything about Spectacular now that Ultimate Spider-Man has been announced? Will you have any involvement in it? Is this a sure sign the show is officially done? Several of my website visitors have written Marvel in the past months asking for Spec to continue and I hope there is a way to get your crew involved in this new show.”

Greg Weisman: I’ve heard nothing directly from Marvel, but I think the Ultimate Spider-Man announcement makes it fairly clear that Spectacular is over.

BD: “Josh, I know you said a while back that the actor is always the last person to know, but have you heard anything about Spec Spidey? Does the announcement of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon mean that Spec is officially done? Also is there any chance you could get the gig voicing him in this new project? Are you auditioning? If I can help you in anyway with promotion or anything let me know.”

Josh Keaton: “Although they haven’t said anything to us, that announcement pretty much seals the deal. There is a chance I could voice Spidey but I will most likely have to go through the audition/casting process again. Hopefully some of the same people (producers, show runners, voice directors) come on board to make getting that part a little easier. As for promotion, I’m not sure. Continuously bomb DXD and Marvel’s twitter page with we want Josh Keaton? LoL. I’ll try and think of something. Thanks so much for your continued support. If I get any new info about anything Spidey, you’ll be among the first to know.”

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