Malkovich Confirms Vulture Role in Spider-Man 4 recently talked to John Malkovich about Spider-Man 4 and how it fell apart. It seems Malkovich just can’t get into a Spider-Man movie. He turned down the Green Goblin role in Spider-Man 1 and he accepted the role of the Vulture in Spider-Man 4. Here are some of his quotes.

“Well, I think a lot of the people who sort of follow that genre… I’m not sure, I never really spoke with Sam about this, but I’m not sure they — maybe the kind of fanbase, the fanboys — either didn’t approve of that character as an adversary for him to some extent…or maybe the studio. Or maybe that was totally unrelated to why it fell apart.”

Malkovich then talks about his disapointment that the movie didn’t happen.

“Yes [I was disappointed],” he says. “But because I like Sam and I like Toby [Maguire] and all that stuff, and the producers, two of whom I’d met before because I’d been offered the first [film] … I came to like them, so sure why not? But it didn’t play out.”

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