Hey guys BDog here, this is part one of the Spidey video game reviews. I will be reviewing video games that predominantly feature Spider-Man as a protagonist so from Spider-Man (PS1) to Spider-Man (Shattered Dimensions)!

Video Game Review: Spider-Man PS1

Spider-Man The Game (Playstation 1)

Publisher: Activision

Developer: Neversoft

Even the box art is awesome!

Platforms: PS1, N64

The Good

Activision, and Neversoft do a remarkable job bringing the web-head to life in this game. Even Stan-Lee narrates certain parts of the game! They arm Spidey with a very creative arsenal of web based attacks, and even clever hand-to-hand combat

techniques. He is also armed with the fan favourite “Spidey Compas”. The graphics in this game are amazing for a Playstation 1 game. The game is based on the critically acclaimed Tony Hawk Pro Skater engine, and it really shows. Fans will be happy to know that classic villains, such as Rhino, Scorpion, Mysterio, Venom, and Carnage play large roles in the games story development.  Another strong point would be the cameos by other heroes like Black Cat and Daredevil. There are also a load of Easter eggs in this game that consist of issues of Amazing Fantasy #15 scattered throughout levels,

The Fantastic 4’s Baxter Building, the Green Goblin’s lair, and you can even find the Lizard trapped in the sewer level. There are also many unlockable costumes. The voice acting in this game is above par as Rhino Ramono does a fantastic job voicing Peter, and Jennifer Hale returns from the animated series to voice Black Cat. The level designs, and challenges are very thought out and deliver a unique Spider-Man experience.

The Bad.

Unfortunately, this game does have its downfalls. The camera tends to do whatever it wants at crucial moments in the game often drifting into a wall, or inside Spider-Man. Also the faces in this game are very flat,

it looks like someone took facial features and steam-rolled them on to 3D sprites. Another peculiar fact is that Mary Jane, and Black Cat share the same body type. Yep it looks like they took MJ’s clothes and put them on Black Cat. Also sometimes you will encounter glitches that often lead you into punching enemies who don’t die or falling through floors, and getting stuck in walls.


This game is known among fans as the best Spider-Man game ever created, and I would have to agree with them. The game captures Spidey’s one-liners perfectly and makes you love the character. The game

play is near perfect, and emulates Spidey’s powers successfully. The voice acting is reminiscent of the 90’s animated series, in other words way better to that of Web of Shadows. In conclusion, if you’re a Spider-Man fan and don’t own this game then your missing out it’s time to dust off your Playstation 1 and slip this puppy in, you won’t be disappointed.

Rating: 5 1Ups/5