Spider-Man The Movie Game: Review

Spider-Man The Movie Game
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Treyarch
Platforms: Gamecube, PC, PS2, GBA, XBOX
The Good
At first glance Spider-Man The Movie looks & plays just like it’s critically acclaimed predecessor. The swinging feels great, you have a variety of combos, and web techniques and can unlock new techniques throughout the game. Also the details in the game are very nicely represented. Another plus is that the game’s cutscenes look fantastic! Spidey’s character is represented very nicely throughout the game, and he even has a variety of quips something which was actually absent from the first movie. There are a series of indoor and outdoor levels. The outdoor levels are so much more fun then the indoor levels, and Activision fixed that in later games. Also the voice acting is very good considering it’s a movie game. Another good thing about this game would have to be it’s easter eggs, there are a variety of costumes to unlock (including the Alex Ross movie costume) and you can even play as the Green Goblin (who has super speed!) This game also contained a stealth element which had potential, but wasn’t well received by fans.
The Bad
Unfortunately there are many bad things about this game. First off the camera has a mind of it’s own and is extremely hard to control. Also some levels are almost impossible to complete as you need to have a special combo to do something, and haven’t unlocked it.

The cutscenes are spectacular

Also by playing as the Green Goblin there are certain levels that cannot be completed because you need WEBS. Another thing is that they only give you a certain amount of time in levels to do crazy tasks that seem impossible. Another thing is that the controls are almost broken, to perform combos you need to At one point I felt like breaking my controller, and tossing it into my TV.

Overall this game is decent, and plays like a typical Spider-Man game. Unfortunately it’s many flaws make up for it’s goodness and leave much more to be desired

Oh you can hang upside down 😉

then what the game gives to you. Die hard fans will enjoy this game, but most likely go back and play the PS1 classic.

Rating: 3 1UPS/ 5


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