Happy Birthday, bdog!

Many of you know our poster who goes by the handle of “bdog.” You probably know him as the legendary official colorist of everything remotely spidermancrawlspace.com related.

Behind the scenes, bdog is an absolute Goliath (with no sling shots in sight!), working generally under insane deadlines to make people like Spideydude, spidertour02, Enigma_2099, Hambone, and myself look good. Nay, look freaking sexy. He’s an incredible colorist of professional caliber who works tirelessly and completely for free. He has an amazingly generous spirit, and never asks anything in return for all he does for us and this site. We couldn’t ask for a better friend or collaborator.

Today, May 4th, is bdog’s 16th birthday. We wanted to do something special for the big guy on such a momentous occasion, and Mr. Gerard Delatour II came storming in with this tremendous piece of art to the left (click for full size). Our friend bdog hails from the great white north, so this piece, entitled “Oh Canada,” boasts a sexy Mountie, a moose head, a hunting rifle, a Canadian flag, and the Aurora Borealis. It is uncolored as a sign of respect that nobody else we could have gotten could have done the job like the man himself. (Bdog, you do not have to color this! Step away from the iPad!)

So on this auspicious occasion, please leave your birthday wishes for bdog in the comments section below. He’s been very good to all of us, so take a second to let him know how appreciated he is.

Bdog, from all the admins and myself, Happy 16th, buddy! We love ya!

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