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I only intended to keep this  banner up on the message board for a short time. I’ve since changed it.
Yes, it was a shot back at him after his “C-Spaced” comment, however I tried to make it as classy as I could. He did post a big long thread that he’s leaving the message board..again…so I thought how do I use the words “Space MB” with Slott. It was just a natural.

Thank you to all the folks that have my back, both Zeta, Delta and everyone in between. In looking back at the situation I have nothing but sadness for Dan Slott and the whole situation. I really wish he could be part of this community. It’s a blast here and it has been for 12 years. I wish we had the Slott that first posted on the board that said how he’s a life-long fan. He showed off his first issues and how much he loved the character. I also wish we had the guy who I interviewed on the podcast a couple years ago. He was such a nice guy and I thought it awesome we had a pro on the board talking Spidey.

Two years later we have a guy that pops up every few months to just zone in on the negative comments. He will chime in say the site is negative, leave only to come back a few months later to rinse and repeat.
We have a person that makes sure to take post shots at the site whenever possible even after I said it’s a personal insult. I’ve told him numerous times that the writer of Spider-Man always takes some flack. If they’re not talking about your work then there must be something wrong. I wish he could understand that fact.
I’ve been incredibly busy this week with work and with the upcoming baby preparations so I haven’t had a chance to monitor the board as much as I ‘d like. I’d like to personally thank all the admins on the board. Specifically Kevin who is above and beyond outstanding at his non-paying job. Why a dude would put up with personal pot shots and constantly having his judgments questioned and not get paid for it is beyond me. He is a true friend of mine and of the site.

To the regular visitors of the site, don’t let this get you down. We all love Spider-Man and I do think Mr. Slott does too. However, he has some issues like we all do in accepting criticism and owning up to doing something wrong. I honestly don’t think Farmernudie is Mr. Slott and I agree that Slott owned him an apology for claiming his posts were not his own. However, condemning this site and not taking responsibility is just wrong. You would think after writing a character that is all about responsibility would have rubbed off on him.

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  1. Sano

    I actually like his BND stories, I just don't care for the tone of the series - Single Spidey - which is why I don't read ASM anymore but he wrote the only BND stories I have enjoyed. Anyway looking forward to his work in Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions.I'm not sure what this entire situation is about (I tried to read up on it, there's A LOT of reading involved for me to go through) but yeah, as a moderator of a comic book forum I get hate in other threads and around the net sometimes even though I think I'm a super-nice and really fair guy. Reading lots of negative stuff about yourself isn't always the healthiest thing so I tend to stay away from that sort of thing. If there was a way to have any kind of power either on the net or in a creative position and get everyone to love you or like what you do on the net I'm sure a lot of us would be using the technique. But hey the internet can be a very cruel place at times.Dan Slott should probably do the same and just focus on his job at hand. He may not be writing the version of Spider-Man that I like but the sales out there show that lots of people are enjoying ASM right now. It's best to focus on the positive instead of the negative for your own personal health.

  2. Guyman442

    Geez... this whole thing has been so blown out of porportions. I think you did the right thing, Brad. You handled it very well.

  3. BD - Post author

    Zak, I appreciate your kind words and constructive criticism. George Berryman has brought up a similar point that I guess I really haven't taken into account. I started this site back in 1998 and the last four or five years it's really just blown up. The traffic is huge since I started daily updates and podcasts. I agree, I should take a bit of similar advice that I gave Dan Slott. Writing Spider-Man requires you to take a lot of flack. I'm realizing the responsibility of running the most popular Spidey site also comes with that too. Thanks for your thoughts!

  4. Ryan Malone a.ka. RyanParkerMan

    I guess my mind thinks amazing and and types ams instead of asm

  5. Zak Caldwell

    I am torn on this subject. I feel like it is almost talking politics. Both sides have somewhat valid points. I think that there are so many people saying that this site can skew on the side of negativity, that there has to be some truth to that. If it was something said a couple of times, then i feel that it could just be written off as a couple angry fanboys who didn't get their way. But i have heard more than a few times. So i fell there is some truth to that. One of the things that i have heard is that if you are writing ASM then you have to be ready for criticism. Well I feel that it is the same for this site. If you are going to run the VERY BEST Spider-man based web-site, you have to be ready for criticism. Even though this is a HOBBIE for everyone here involved (as far as I know, nobody is making any money off of this site), this site is the king of all spider-media. I think early on, when you first started the podcast, that it was just a small site with a maybe 500-1000 loyal fans of the site. I am guessing that now you are way past that. With all of the people that listen to your podcasts and visit this site COMES RESPONSIBILITY. I personally do think that there is more responsibility for all involved in this site to act resposnbly. Not to say that you havnt.I check this site at least 5 times a day and always check iTunes waiting for the cast to come out. I love listening to the cast, but i do sometimes get offended when a review is simply boiled down to "sucks ass" "Epic fail" etc. To me i like a more thorough review. I do enjoy that you do a postive and a negative. That is good reviewing. ANd i do agree with one of the posters above, that it all starts with you podcasters. You set the tone for the site. For the most part i love the casts. There are just a few things that I dislike. I don't have a problem with people not liking stories. I just want to hear a better reason that it "Sucked Ass" For the most part I can't recall when anyone has attacked a creator or artists or anything. OTher than really early on. I think in the last 2 years, you guys have really pulled back from that.In Closing, I love this site and all of the content. It is the best comic site on the net hands down. In the end it is BRAD'S site and he can do whatever he wants with it. If you don't like it, go somewhere else. But i also want to re-stress the importance of this site. There are a lot of people that visit this site and there is a lot of power in the views and opinions expressed by the people in charge of this site. And we all know that with great power comes great responsibility.

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