Daily Archives: May 16, 2010

  • Amazing Spider-Man Classics Podcast #7

    The gang welcomes Jeffery Taylor O’Brien this month as they tackle the first appearance of Electro! Whaddya mean his origin makes no sense? Don’t you know anything about science?! [audio:http://media.libsyn.com/media/amazingspiderman/ASM_Classics_Episode_007.mp3] Click to listen to both this and the back episodes here: http://amazingspiderman.libsyn.com/

  • Spidey Onesie

    Finding Spider-Man stuff for girls is proving to be very hard. Marvel, take a cue from DC’s  Supergirl and start putting out Spider-Girl items! However, I did find this on ebay and just had to order it for my baby girl Ava. Isn’t it cute!!!

  • Gameplay of Spider-Man Shattered Diminsions

    Gametrailers.com visited Beenox studio in Canada to talk to the designers of the new Spider-Man: Shattered Diminsions game. It looks very cool! Also in this episode they talk to Stan Lee about the new Superhero Squad MMO online game. This is the whole episode so you may need to…

  • Clone Saga Chronicles Podcast #12

    The Clone-Heads are all in full swing this month as they go over the wackness that is the Holodisc issues! Gwen Stacy is back, and so is her bridge. Is it Miles Warren, or Warren Miles? Judas Traveler continues to annoy and a new Green Goblin is introduced, all…