The Many Loves of the Amazing Spider-Man # 1 review and slideshow

COVER BY: Jason Levesque
WRITER: Brian Reed, Chris Yost and Roger Stern
PENCILS: Michael Ryan, Nick Dragotta and Ron Frenz

The great loves of Peter Parker’s life. Gwen Stacy, Felicia Hardy, Mary Jane Watson-Parker and…Carlie Cooper?!?!

The Basics

This book is a one-shot featuring three stories, each focusing on a different love interest of Peter Parker. Three different creative teams are on each story. We get a tale taking place at some unknown point in the past where Black Cat and Spider-Man team-up against a wannabe sorcerer who curses Peter in an interesting way. We see Carlie Cooper look back on a night she and Gwen spent together as children. The last story is about Mary Jane’s current status quo.

What everyone is talking about

The Gwen and Carlie Cooper story has gotten alot of attention online. Lots of fans have felt it unnecessary to shoehorn (their words not mine) Gwen into Carlie’s history. What everyone SHOULD be talking about is Roger Stern and Ron Frenz reuniting for a story. Shame that it hasn’t gotten more attention.

The Creators

Chris Yost is currently known for his recently completed run on “Red Robin”. I was very hot/cold on his “Red Robin” run so I wasn’t sure what to expect here. He was able to write good Spider-Man humor which is very hard to do these days. He gets Spider-Man’s world real well, with the possible exception of Black Cat. Brian Reed’s story was an interesting concept but the way he pulled off showing the differences between Gwen and Carlie was poor. That story was the weakest of the three. Roger Stern has always been able to write engaging Spider-Man stories and that hasn’t changed here. He was able to get inside Mary Jane’s head in a convincing way.

The Good

* As mentioned before, you get a Stern/Frenz reunion.

* We get to see Mary Jane’s life outside of Peter. Her own independent thoughts, dreams and goals.

* The Black Cat story could have very easily been hooky and annoying. It delivered the goods though.

The Bad

* Some really poor editing in here. The recap page has a few continuity errors that inside content downright contradicts.

* Has Yost read any Black Cat stories between 1980 and 2005?
* Ever since Carlie Cooper appeared, fans have compared her to Gwen because Carlie is a shy science geek. I personally think some of the Gwen comparisons are exaggerated. It’s speculated that Brian Reed used this opportunity to show us how different Gwen and Carlie are. How did he do it? By having Gwen say the exact opposite of almost everything Carlie said throughout the story. It was really annoying.

The Final Word

If you’re a die-hard fan this is a fun book. If you’re on a budget skip it. Nothing really important.

The Slideshow

Check it out here!

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