Marvel Fight Club #3 – ‘Crisis in the Colosseum!’

It’s Tuesday once more, Crawl Spacers!  And Tueday means Marvel Fight Club presented by Spidey Friday Night Fights exclusively here at the Spider-Man Crawl Space!

Last week we saw Misty Knight topple the Foolkiller in Arcade’s Murder World in Marvel Fight Club #2 – ‘They Met For Murder!’

This week we’ve got another great fight for you – as always, chosen completely at random even down to the location – featuring Kitty Pryde of the X-Men versus Miami crimelord Ulysses ‘the Slug’ Lugman.  They’ll be fighting for your Marvel Fight Club pleasure at, fittingly enough, the Roman Colosseum.

We call tonight’s throw-down Marvel Fight Club #3 – ‘Crisis at the Colosseum!’

Who wins?  Who loses?  YOU MAKE THE CALL!  You’ve got three days to vote, and it must be done on the message board thread poll – votes placed in the comments section of this Crawl Space main page post do not count.  We’ll review the fight at the end of the next Spidey Friday Night Fights!

So head on over to the Crawl Space 101 Forum and VOTE NOW!

–George Berryman!

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