Here are some of the pages of art from the upcoming issue, what do you think of them? Comment below. The book goes on sale July 21st.


25 Responses to “Preview Pages of OMIT from Amazing Spider-Man 638”

  1. #1 Hobo-Goblin says:

    “Pst. I really, really like pizza bagels.”

  2. #2 Ladyspider says:

    This no puns intended, “hurts my soul” looking at this. It just makes me sad.

  3. #3 Heartburn says:

    Just looking at this is indeed kind of sad… just feels like between the two of them Peter is the one that screws up everything.
    What a moron I mean its Mary Jane.

    MJ: *whispering* “Taste the rainbow.”

  4. #4 javi trujillo says:

    hey, joe! where did the famous MJ dimples go? y’know, the ones John Romita Sr drew? I see you still have your characters make with the droopy faces!

  5. #5 Kassady86 says:

    …well, the cover looks nice.

  6. #6 AmFan15 says:

    Yeah, MJ, I know how you feel…I need a drink after looking at this, too!

  7. #7 Jesse Garrett says:

    it looks like MJ is gonna start making out with Mephisto….

  8. #8 Spideydude says:

    Artwork is good. I like it.

  9. #9 Persian-spider says:

    that cover is poignant

  10. #10 Jon M Wilson says:

    I’m looking forward to the book, and I like the layouts and look of this conversation. I just don’t think that looks like Mary Jane.

  11. #11 ironjam says:

    well the cover looks fine, just the art makes peter and MJ look fat around their faces. then again it may not be MJ cos it sure doesn’t look like her

  12. #12 fantasyfreak says:

    That is some of the ugliest art I´ve ever seen. And is it just me, or do they seem high in those pictures? XD

  13. #13 Spec Spider Fan says:

    Cover art is good..interior art is a step up from manga…characters “don’t look themselves”…but hey it’s the heroic age…tararaboomdeyay…..40 years never happened… inner sadness continues:(

  14. #14 Kuder says:

    I hope it is “the story to put everything back together as it was”, but by looking at these pages it seems to be a long road till then.

  15. #15 Tom K.W. says:

    That second pic, is that the cover ? It looks beautiful

  16. #16 Iron Lantern says:

    “Bad art” and “the characters not looking like who they should” or not, Joe Q sure does do great facial expressions.

  17. #17 Two-Bit Specialist (formerly SuperChencho) says:

    @Iron Latern – I hate to admit it, but you’re right. Those are some great expressions from MJ, even if they don’t really look like JRSR’s design.

  18. #18 cmstimpson says:

    I wish that OMIT would bring MJ and Peter’s marriage back, but I know that won’t happen. I wish that One More Day never happened, but it did. I wish that we wouldn have to refer to the deal ever again. Jesse’s right, it does look like MJ and Mephisto are going to make out. I hate the brand new status quo.

  19. #19 Spidey Fan says:

    I am going to hold off on judging this on art alone, though my gut instinct is “this is going to be disappointing”.

    Like CMStimpson I had hoped that O.M.I.T. might bring back the marriage to MJ and undo all the damage caused by the fanboy run amok, Joe Q, but it seems that will never happen so long as ol’ Joey is still in Marvel’s employ.

  20. #20 Izzy says:

    “This deal is getting worse all the time.”

  21. #21 Matt Byrd says:

    Rightly put Izzy! The whole deal does seem to be getting worse for where, someone at Disney so fire the Q man. Please won’t anyone at Disney at least care about the product of comic you brought 10 months ago. I don’t like the looks of this one at all!

  22. #22 Epidot says:

    This will be nothing but an explenation, from Quesada’s point of view, on why Peter and MJ should not be married. As others have mentioned several times, the expressions are complete, but that does not look like MJ.

  23. #23 Yosi says:

    Uhh is this a spiderman comic? who are these people? that certainly does not look like MJ, man why did JQ stuff up spidey, BND sucks @ss

  24. #24 Jim says:

    Let me see if I’ve got this straight, the idea was to de-age Spider-man by getting him un-married… and drawing him to look like a middle-aged man with a paunch?

    That cover (the second image) is Spectacular though.

  25. #25 Edi says:

    Joe should be banned from working on spidey. OMD was just bs. Aunt May should have died.