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In the Fictional Offices of the Crawl Space, Zach Joiner former reviewer of Spider-Girl, is sitting in his cubicle, reading the latest issue of Amazing, getting more and more upset over the protrayal of Kaine in Amazing Spider-Man, he gets Gibbs-slapped by Brad Douglas.

“Time to turn in the Spider-Girl Mini.”
“Mini? It wasn’t solicited, its an ongoing.”

Shocked, Zach received the memo that had apparently circulated around the offices, but he had not received it yet. Looking at his cubicles across the way, he saw Gerard had just gotten his version of it on Spideydude.com, and Zach as always was late. So Yeah. For more on his thoughts, lets’ got here.

Spectacular Spider-Girl #1 (of 4)

Tom DeFalco

Ron Frenz

Sal Bucemea

“Back to the War”

PREVIOUSLY: Spider-Girl has a Clone, April, who is running around as Spider-Girl blue. (So to speak.) A gang war has been bubbling against the backdrop of the MC-2 universe since Spider-Girl went Digital last year. Don Silvo is after the Black Tarantula, the Kingpin of Crime. (A status quo that has largely remained unchanged since his death back in the original run of Spider-Girl) But returning in these pages is a threat that has never been seen in the Overall MC-2: THE PUNISHER!

Punisher begins his war journal. Don Silvo gets a report from Man Mountain Marko. May becomes filled with angst. A Trip down memory lane. Peter and May talk. Black Tarantula. April becomes Mayhem. May does the hero thing. Kaine recalls a favor that happened in the last issue of Spider-Girl Online, asking May about the Punisher.

THOUGHTS:  Wow, with the limited space that this issue had, you get a lot of story with this one. If this is your first time reading Mayday, they pretty much touch upon everything you need to know. Although I can see how annoying it would be to get a full recap page in story, it’s a throwback to the way Stan did. To paraphrase a certain movie who’s sequel came out in May: That’s how Stan did, that’s how America does it, and its worked out pretty well so far.

Although we don’t see Punisher in New York, we see a man who is past his prime and feels he must get back in the one man battle that defined him. The differences are prevalent throughout this issue between Mayday and Frank. Some might fear that going down this dark road is not the best for the character, but I’d wager that May has gone a darker path since the final arc of Spider-Girl. I believe that Tom D. will make sure we don’t go further down the rabbit hole, but he’s done a good job with this issue and I’m excited for whats to come.

There are two backups, one a new backup starring American Dream (The answer to Captain America) and a old backup from the very first annual back in 1999. The former is okay, but it doesn’t really stand on its own and doesn’t really fit with the backdrop. The latter is simply rehash for old fans. The artwork is jarring, and doesn’t flow well. I’d rather these three pages be in the man story of even the backup with American Dream.

Outside the last backup, the artwork is the best. Frenz and Sal have done this for a very long time and have got their relationship down pat. I don’t think there has been a better duo on inks and pencils in this decade. I do hope they get more work once this mini is done.

4 out of five stars.

The first part is really good, but the second is just okay with good artwork, and the third is ‘meh’.

Again, sorry for the lateness of the review.