Marvel Fight Club #5 – ‘Snowball’s Chance!’

It’s Tuesday once more, Crawl Spacers!  And Tueday means Marvel Fight Club presented by Spidey Friday Night Fights exclusively here at the Spider-Man Crawl Space!

In last week’s Marvel Fight Club #4 – ‘A-Quack-alypse Now!’ you Crawl Spacers chose Ronan the Accuser over MODOK in their titanic throw-down on Howard the Duck’s home turf, Duckworld.

So what’s cookin’ this week?  We head to Hell as the most abrasive SHIELD agent in history, Maria Hill, faces off against Marvel’s pogo plaform riding mercenary Jack O’Lantern.  Normally I don’t like to tip my hand on these things so early in the fight but personally I’m rooting for the guy with the gourd on his head.  Why?  Cause I like Maria Hill about as much as wisdom teeth extraction.

We call tonight’s match-up Marvel Fight Club #5 – ‘Snowball’s Chance!’

Who wins?  Who loses?  YOU MAKE THE CALL!  You’ve got three days to vote, and it must be done on the message board thread poll – votes placed in the comments section of this Crawl Space main page post do not count.  We’ll review the fight at the end of the next Spidey Friday Night Fights!

So head on over to the Crawl Space Forums and VOTE NOW!

–George Berryman!