Marvel Fight Club #6 – ‘Farmageddon!’

Tuesday is once more thrust upon us, and thus do we thrust back with Marvel Fight Club!

Last week’s action, Marvel Fight Club #5  – ‘Snowball’s Chance’ – showcased Maria Hill and Jack O’Lantern going at one another in Hell under Mephisto’s watchful eye.  The Crawl Space voted Jack O’Lantern the winner in that contest, meaning Maria Hill gets to shine Mephisto’s boots from now until… well always.  Heh.

But what’s on tap this week?  Glad you asked.  Oh man we’ve got a real bruiser for you fight fans this week.  A shape-shifting alien dragon and an evil, murderous robot are going to go head to head in a peaceful farming community.  That’s right, Crawl Spacers – it’s Fin Fang Foom and Ultron in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania where the Amish roam and come together to sell quilts and build barns!

We call tonight’s face-off Marvel Fight Club #6 – ‘Farmageddon!’

Who wins?  Who loses?  YOU MAKE THE CALL!  You’ve got three days to vote, and it must be done on the message board thread poll – votes placed in the comments section of this Crawl Space main page post do not count.  We’ll review the fight at the end of the next Spidey Friday Night Fights!

So head on over to the Crawl Space Forums and VOTE NOW!

–George Berryman

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