Crawl Space Avengers #7

Did you know that there was an original, ongoing, semi-monthly original Web-Fiction Series here? If not,then please head over to the Crawl Space Avengers sub-forum and check out the latest issue. Written By Me and Art By Gerard Delatour. (The Amazing Spider-Man Reviewer!) And let us know what you think about it in the Discussion Thread.

Check out this wonderful cover from Brandon and Gerard! After the Jump is the solit!
Crawl Space Avengers #7

War of the Worlds– Part One
Written By: Zach Joiner
Art By: Gerard Delatour II (Amazing Spider-Man Reviewer) and Brandon DiPerno

“War of the Worlds” Begins in earnest. Stella and Zach finish up their work in Texas, and Zach has an unexpected surprise when he gets there. We begin to meet new players in the game, and the finale of this issue is explosive to say the least. Plus: Kevin + Stella= Romance?

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