Marvel Fight Club #7 – ‘Sword & Psycho!’

Tuesday’s Gone, and…

Oh wait, no it’s not.  It’s right here with us and that means it’s time for your weekly Marvel Fight Club!

Last week gave us our most titanic and epic fight to date as Fin Fang Foom and Ultron slugged it out across the Amish farmlands of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  The difference came down to one vote, giving Fin Fang Foom the edge, 52% to 48% over Ultron.  We called it Marvel Fight Club #6 – ‘Farmageddon!’

So what does this week bring us?  Tonight Marvel Fight Club #7 – ‘Sword & Psycho!’ takes us to the Alkali Lake in Canada (as seen in the X-Men flick ‘X2’) for a face-off between Sif of Asgard, Thor’s favorite swordswoman, and Wolverine’s #1 fangirl Lady Deathstrike.  This is also the first time we’ve had an all girl gladiator set-up!

Also an interesting note – Lady Deathstrike’s connected to both her opponent and the fight venue.  In the ‘X2’ movie Deathstrike took on Wolverine in Stryker’s base at the Alkali Lake and she also appeared on the ‘Hulk Vs.’ direct-t0-vide0 movies which also star Sif.  What a small world!

Who wins?  Who loses?  You make the call!  You’ve got three days to vote, and it must be done on the message board thread poll – votes placed in the comments section of this Crawl Space main page post do not count.  We’ll review the fight at the end of the next Spidey Friday Night Fights! Go vote now!

–George Berryman

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