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SECRET AVENGERS #2: Secret Histories Part Two

WRITER: Ed Brubaker

ARTIST: Mike Deodato with Will Conrad

COLOR ART: Rain Beredo

COVER: Marko Djurdjevic


Sharon Carter awakens with a headache and a desire to kick some a$$.  After locking onto one of the crowns, she flies the ship toward the signal.  Back on Mars, the Secret Avengers investigate the Roxxon mining base while trying to find Nova.  After a fight with some soldiers under mind control, the team splits up: War Machine and Ant-Man go investigate a building beyond a ridge; Black Widow, Valkyrie, and Moon Knight investigate a well-traveled path; and Steve Rogers and Beast go to find Nova.  Ant-man is sucked into a bright light; Steve Rogers and Beast make their way into an ancient temple and awaken…something; and the Three Quasi-Amigos end up finding Nova and getting spotted by him.  All the while, flying over the US, Nick Fury (the one who knocked-out Sharon Carter and stole the crown) gets word of energy readings from the third crown and sets a new course.


I suppose I should reveal my idiocy right now: I had absolutely no inkling that the leader of the gang which jumped aboard the ship in issue one, knocked out Agent-13, and stole one of the crowns, was none other than Nick Fury.  Whenever I look at that panel all I really think of is Kobra, for some reason.  Eheu!

As for the current issue, I do not think it as strong as the amazing first issue.  I believe that part of this stems from the fact that Brubaker ultimately fractures the issue in order to contain several simultaneous actions.  Sharon Carter, Nick Fury, and the three divisions of the Secret Avengers team all make for interesting storytelling, but certainly not as strong as if it were the whole team together.  The majority of my skepticism for this series comes from the random assortment of team members, and Brubaker had to prove to me that the team could truly work.  I found myself surprised that the team did in fact work, at least in issue one, but here there seems to be a bit of a backslide.

The interaction between War Machine and Ant-Man is completely baffling to me, and I question why it was even necessary.  Valkyrie seems ever the awkward teammate, like I’m sure Thor was at some time.  Moon Knight’s ability to meld so easily with the team raises some red flags for me, mainly because I saw his transition as being the most difficult.  Sharon Carter, a favorite of mine, just does not read right to me, and I am quite sure I cannot explain why.  Steve Rogers and Beast are, perhaps, the best written so far; Beast with his need to investigate and question everything, and Steve with his natural ability to lead.

The storyline continues to be intriguing and I think that it is a strong idea to put Nova, such a distant/distinct character, smack in the middle of it all.  However, this entire issue just read like filler for me.  Search, investigate, fight, split-up, search, investigate.  I question why some of these multi-pages of a single character (Sharon, Nick) could not be reduced to just one page.

Still, I must commend Brubaker for his consistent strength in combining a serious tone with that of mild humor.  Some of these heroes would be rather dry without it!


3.5 out of 5.0 Webheads: Somehow from issue one to the present, the story has lost some momentum.

Ex animo,

Your friendly neighborhood, Spider-Girl!

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