Going to San Diego? Show the Crawl Space Love

The San Diego Comic Con starts today and if you’re going I’m incredibly jealous. However, I’d like the Crawl Space to get a mention or two. If you’re a fan of this website, print off this word document called crawlspaceconvention.
Then go up to anybody dressed as Spidey, Black Cat etc and have them hold it, then snap a picture. I will then show the pic on the front page and give you a shout out. Also feel free to have any celebs hold the paper too. I think this could be fun, but I’ll need your help to do it. So Crawl Spacer’s unite!!!!!
Once you snap the picture, e-mail it along with your name for the “shout-out-age.” Our friend Michael Bailey snapped this one to the right  at DragonCon last year.

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