Comic Con Pics: Spidey, MJ and Weisman

Bertone was able to snap some pictures of folks from the various Spider-Man cartoons. First up is Spectacular Spider-Man producer Greg Weisman. He’s been on the podcast several times and such a nice guy.

We also have Sara Ballantine who voiced Mary Jane in the 1990s cartoon. She even recorded a podcast opening that says, “Face it tiger,  you just hit the Crawl Space jackpot.” She agreed to be a guest on a future podcast.

And one of my personal favorites Dan Gilvezan who voiced Spider-Man in the “Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends.” He also was the voice of Bumblebee in the 1980s Transformers cartoon. He too agreed to be on the podcast in the future.Kevin will love this, Dan is wearing a Green Lantern t-shirt.

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