Comic Con Spider-Man Panel: Live News

Update: The panel has wrapped up, thanks to Bertone for the live info as it came in.

2pm central :
Bertone is live at the Spider-Panel in San Diego. He’s texting me info I’ll add it as I get it.

*Dan Slott solo writer of Amazing Spider-Man

*Brand New Day Ends in October

*Carnage Limited Series in October

*Hobgoblin is Coming Back

*Dan Slott writing the book solo, it will come out twice a month.

*Peter Parker gets a career

*Rotating artists, Humberto Ramos , Stefano Caselli and Marcos Martin confirmed

*30 pages each issue

*Sometimes backup stories at the end of the book

*Spider-Girl ongoing with Arana

*First Slott solo story is called “Big Time” it starts in Nov.

*3rd arc will have a huge status arc change.

*JR will love this one, Norman Osborn limited series about him in jail.

*Mac Gargan will return as the Scorpion

*Osborn mini written by Kelly Sue and drawn by Emma Rios. Norman has a Goblin tattoo on his neck.

*Slott will do most of the backups but not all of them in the Amazing book.

*Carnage mini written by Zeb Wells and Clayton Craine

*Big Time will be the banner for the new storyline, just like Brand New Day was the last. No word if marriage is in the cards with the change in status quo.

*Audience asked if they want Ben Reilly back, it was greeted with huge cheers.

*Tom Brennan said they are working on more Ben stories.

*Slott said to check out the new Shattered Dimensions game if you’re a Ben Reilly fan.

*Ramos will be the artist on the Hobgoblin story.

*Confirmed Spider-Girl/ May Parker’s storyline is ending.

*Price is going up to $3.99 a book.

*Peter Parker gets his dream job in the new storyline “Big Time.”

*More gadgets for Spidey like impact webbing.

*Slott wants to write the Prowler, but hasn’t had a chance.

*Multiple new costumes for Spider-Man.

*Asked if there are any plans for Gwen Stacy, Dan Slott said, “More Decomposing.” Ha,Ha!!!!

*Expect to see more of Kraven.

*Also expect a return of the Sinister Six.

*A promise Peter Parker made in Amazing Spider-Man #1 will come back up. What could that be?

*Mary Jane will be back more often.

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