Podcast 106: Spider-Panel Tackles Casting and Comics

Gang, I’m sorry for the delay in the release of this podcast. I have stopped having the shows hosted at Podomatic and from now on they will be hosted on my regular webhost that houses this website. I have contacted itunes to update the xml feed. It could take awhile to get that changed, however you can still download the mp3 here and listen to it through this player.

The new xml feed of the podcast is located here


Here are some of the topics we hit up in the show

*Andrew Garfield cast as Peter Parker in Spider-Man 4
*Reviews of Amazing Spider-Man # 633-635
*ASM to be written by Dan Slott and shipping twice a month (This was recorded before it was confirmed at San Diego)

*Real Life Superhero Viper patrolling the streets
*The Hastings chain stores will be selling comics nationwide
*This Month in Spider-History with JR. We tackle July 1972 which saw the release of Amazing Spider-Man #158

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